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Firma posiada Złoty Certyfikat Wiarygodności Biznesowej za rok
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013


We are one of the largest breeding and seed production companies in Poland. We have been operating as the strategic partner of the Agricultural Property Agency since 1994 but our history, especially in handling cereals and fodder beet, goes way back to the second half of the nineteenth century. Our primary fields of operation are both the innovative and conservative cultivation of agricultural crops, seed replenishing, distribution and marketing of seeds, and assorted other agricultural activities and services. Since 2012, we have also managed the breeding of the Arabian breed horses in Białka Stallion Herd (

The primary direction of our operation is the farming as well as production and trade of seeds of fodder beet, spring and winter cereals, maize, fodder and lawn grasses and small-seed legume plants. Our mission is increasing the efficiency of crop production through continuous supply of new plant varieties with improved agricultural and grain quality parametres.

Our breeding and seed production operations take place all over Poland, from the Lower Silesia in the south-west to the Lublin region in the east; we also have facilities in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodeships in the north-east of Poland. Our five farming and breeding facilities include: Polanowice near Kraków (fodder beet, cereals, fodder grass), Nieznanice near Częstochowa (lawn grasses and small-seed legume plants), Mikulice near Przeworska (winter wheat), Palikije near Lublin (fodder grass, mustard plant, buckwheat), Kobierzyce near Wrocław (maize, winter and spring wheat).

Our facilities are all furnished with modern equipment to enable the implementation of advanced methods for farming and breeding that ensure the advancement of those areas.The facilities are equipped with modern laboratories and specialised laboratories (including technological and plant IVF laboratories), greenhouses and specialised machinery for field work and processing the seeds.

Owing to our long-standing experience and expertise in farming and breeding, our equally experienced staff and our technological base, we patent new plant varieties each year. To date, we have patented 91 varieties of 24 agricultural plant species. These are the new-generation varieties that are high-yield, disease-resistant, well adapted to the changing climate and soil conditions and are suitable for food processing purposes and as animal feed. They are highly successful in the seed market home and abroad, meeting the diverse requirements of our customers. Many of our varieties have been awarded prizes at international agricultural fairs and exhibitions. In 2014, our IZERA spring wheat variety has won the Gold Medal in POLAGRA Poznań International Fair.

The production of high-quality lawn grass seed mixtures using our own varieties has also been an important part of our operation. We provide mixtures that are proven to thrive in many different soil types and climates and regardless of their purpose: for decorative lawns and recreational ones, which are highly resistant to intensive use and treading, lawns that are fitted for shaded locations, and special blends for dry locations and roadsides.

Our products include mixtures of pasture grass seed mixtures for the use on meadows, pastures and arable land, fitted for various types of soil, providing wholesome and nutritious feed that is necessary in feeding livestock.

Our seed production is run on the Company's own land (approx. 8,000 ha) in cooperation with independent farmers. Thanks to well-designed cooperation in the production of raw seeds and modern seed processing technology, we are proud to provide the market with seed material that meets all the quality standards. Every year, we sell more than 35,000 tonnes of seeds, both in our branches and retail points and through the extensive network of wholesale and retail outlets all over the country.

A bulk of the seed material we produce is exported, mainly to European countries. We also work with companies from other parts of the world. In the World Company 2013 ranking of the Modern Business Institute, we placed first among all other Polish seed production companies in terms of the value of exports in 2010-2013 and the number of countries serviced

In addition to the sale of seeds, we also provide fertilizers, plant protection products, agricultural and horticultural production articles, and seedlings of trees as well as fruit-bearing and ornamental bushes for tree nurseries.